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Servicing Greater Houston, Dallas - Fort Worth, and all surrounding areas.

All About Rodents is a pest control company that specializes in mice, rats, pigeons, bats, and small nuisance wildlife.

With more than 40 years of experience, our family-owned business has a long history of providing complete pest control services.

We never use any snap traps or glue boards. We work closely with Bell Laboratories™ to develop new and better means of rodent and pest removal services.

Our technicians are trained to manage these specific pests using our unique services. 

More than pest control

Our services go beyond simple pest control.

When our elimination is complete, we offer several services to get your home back to normal and make sure the animals do not come back. First, we seal off all of the points of entry. Then, we are happy to provide you with cleaning services and damage repair, including odor control, cleanup of feces, replacing damaged insulation, and repairing damage to walls. 

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