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Bats are a unique pest, so much so that they have not been put into a category with any other pest family.

They are not even remotely related to rodent species. What’s more, they actually help control insect infestations, since most bat species feed on insects. However, a bat infestation can indeed be a nuisance for a number of reasons. 

Signs of Bat Infestation

Most bat species live in small (a couple of dozen members) to large (over a hundred members) colonies. There are certain kinds of bats that prefer solitary living, and they are hardly a nuisance, but colonial bats can cause actual problems for homeowners. The greater they are in number, the more problems the bat infestation is going to cause you.

There are a handful of signs of bat infestation that you should seek before you call an emergency bat removal service. These signs include:

  • Bats droppings

    Bats create a mess when they colonize. Since they will usually use your attic or the hollow of your walls, you will find a lot of unpleasant smelling droppings on the floor. Their droppings look like a composite of tiny bits filled with insect body parts. This last bit is how you tell a rat and a bat infestation apart. Bat droppings can cause breathing illnesses. 

  • Chirping noises

    When you hear constant chirping sounds from your attic or walls, chances are you have a bat infestation. Bats use sound waves like SONAR to locate objects, which can be quite annoying. 

  • High holes in your walls

    Bats have sharp teeth and are able to eat through materials. Naturally, they will eat through your attic corners and make holes high in the walls. This also tells their infestation apart from others. 

Bat Exclusion Techniques

There are a number of bat exclusion techniques that expert exterminators use these days. All of these techniques are harmless to the animal because, despite what people have always thought, bats are not evil. So, any professional pest service will use harmless bat exclusion techniques.

At the same time, removing the pest alone is not enough if you do not close all unwanted openings into your house and sanitize the infested areas properly. 

Once your home is thoroughly cleaned up, keep an eye out for bats going in or out of the house.  

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Being in the industry for many a year, we know all there is to know about a bat infestation. We provide swift emergency bat removal services after a thorough inspection of your premises. Our inspectors give you a proper evaluation of how bad the infestation is, what kind of damages it has caused, and what steps need to be taken for a quick, thorough clean up.

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