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Rats are the most common rodent in the world and are found all over because they breed a lot and like to live in hiding. You probably won’t see them infesting your home or office except when you see one running over your curtain rail or through the living room. If that’s really what happened, you need to hire a rat exterminator right now!

If they’re in your living area, it simply means all the hidden spaces in the building are already infested and the population is now too large for them to hide.

It means you need to fix this problem without a minute’s delay.

The Vermin We Call Roof Rats

Common rats are called with a number of other names, too, such as roof rats, Norwegian rats, wharf rats, brown rats, and so on. It’s a nasty vermin, common in most regions, and has earned many names.

While it’s a common animal, nobody likes rats. And for good reason.

Rats nest in buildings where they have access to shelter and food. Hidden empty spaces close to the ground and food: that’s all a rat infestation needs to happen. These are things every good rat exterminator looks for during an inspection.

When it happens, a rat infestation can become a real nuisance. They chew away at your furniture and fixtures, make holes in walls all around, and cause many diseases, some of them highly injurious. Some crazy ones might even give you a nasty bite on a foot.

How Does a Rat Infestation Happen?

To answer this question, any good rat exterminator will ask you to remember three words: food, shelter, and openings.

This is all what a rat infestation requires. If you have food that you do not properly cover, some spilled on the floor, stashed in dark corners by the broom, and you have an attic, shallow flooring under the closet, or crawl spaces of other kind, you can expect you have a rat infestation, even if you don’t see any.

The last thing that rats need to start treating your building like a hotel is openings. No matter how clean your building is, or how covered your food is, if you have openings big enough to fit a few pencils horizontally, you will have rats.

On the other hand, if you don’t clean your house or dishes but there are no access points for rats to use, you are safe.

How Much Does Rat Extermination Cost?

This depends on two main factors: (1) the extent to which your building has been infested, and (2) how long the infestation has been present.

Call us Today to Schedule an Immediate Inspection. This will help your technician determine the damage and its cost.

Signs of a Roof Rats Infestation

If any of these signs are present, call All About Rodents to schedule your on-premise inspection today.

  • Droppings in your kitchen cabinets and corners

  • Brown smudges on pipes and floor

  • Shredded insulation and boards

  • Peeling sounds out of the walls

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